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I made this blog for no reason (❛◡❛✿)


willow stop ur embarrassing her
FOR LAUREL!! happy bday!!!

maple is my rilakkuma


WOW oKAY so I just hit 2,000 followers and my friend darrien hit 2,000 followers recently a week or few ago so we’re combining our things to host a grand giveaway!! THANK U ALL SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWIN WOW
our giveaway is for whopping 100,000,000 bells and of yummy items such as
steamed bun case
buffet server
new year’s noodles
wedding cake
chocolate cake
birthday cake
shaved iced lamp
afternoon tea set
box of chocolates
rice cake
tteok plate
twelve-grape plate
sushi platter
flour, sugar, vinegar, lolipop, chocolate heart, milk, butter & candy! (these aren’t actual pieces of furniture but look super cute on tables imo)
fruit basket
veggie basket
rice cooker
lazy-susan table
salad bar
yummy ice cream streetpass items!!
sweets player
so here are the rules!!:
there will be ONE and ONLY one winner due to there being so much stuff!
if you do not reply within 48 hours, we will choose a new winner
you may like & reblog once (it doesn’t show up if you do multiple times anyways)
if a giveaway blog is picked (i.e. blogs only meant for reblogging for giveaways) then we will redraw a new winner
you don’t have to be following us, but there is a special prize or few for those who are (either me or brewstermilk)
you must be comfortable with exchanging friendcodes with both of us for we will probably both be delivering 
this giveaway will end may, 2nd, 2014, good luck!

following as Spartzie!


"Your pockets are full. Do you want to swap it out or let it go?"

This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my entire life
I really like editing on my iPad ^u^)/

there’s this one mistake I made that’s really aggravating me, but I can’t undo it or I’ll have to redo the whole thing