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I made this blog for no reason (❛◡❛✿)


person: Pokemon is such a childish game, why are you playing it?



me: image

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How to lose weight quick!


1.leave your 3ds charger on the other side of the house

2. run for your life as soon as that light flashes

enjoy your abs!

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I like to imagine that Isabelle is behind everything in ACNL. Not only does she do all the mayoral things, but she sets up events and little treasures for you to find every night in order to keep you entertained. She hides exactly four fossils every night, puts money in a magic rock, and furniture in the trees, without ever asking for anything in return, because she wants you to be happy!
idk it seemed cuter in my head and i am bad at comics and wasnt going to do this because i knew i couldn’t do it well and i suck and stuff. punches self in face 100000 times


when you pass an exam you expected to fail

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